Phone ConsultationTherapy Services Office - New York

I am happy to provide telephone consultations without charge to people who are considering psychotherapy and want to ask questions before scheduling an appointment.  Please feel free to ask any and all questions that will help you feel the most comfortable as you start therapy.

Office Consultation

Many people feel most comfortable scheduling a consultation session before committing to ongoing individual or couples therapy. During the consultation session, we will discuss what has been bothering you and your goals for therapy.

I will give you emotional space to discuss your feelings while gathering contextual information about your life so that I can begin thinking about how to help.  After meeting with you, I will share my initial thoughts and recommendations, and you can decide whether it feels right to schedule more sessions.

Individual Therapy

Therapy is scheduled 1-2 times each week, and it’s usually best to establish a set day and time to meet.  I see people for short (8-12 sessions), medium (3-12 months), and long periods of time (several years) depending on their circumstances and goals for therapy.  I use an integrated clinical approach focused on helping you dig deeper into your emotional experience, gain insight into your patterns of behavior, and more clearly see what options are available for improving your life.   Learn more about individual therapy sessions > 

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is usually scheduled once each week and tends to be shorter (usually 8-24 sessions) than individual therapy.  Many people are nervous about couples therapy because they fear being blamed for the problems in their relationship.  Rather than looking for one of you to blame, I approach couples therapy trying to identify and understand events and patterns that leave your couple feeling stuck.   Learn more about couples therapy >

Sex Therapy

Like other forms of individual and couples therapy, sex therapy is scheduled on a weekly basis.  I recommend that people in long-term relationships attend sex therapy as a couple, which tends to make the work move faster.  Some people need sex therapy to work on a specific sexual issue – this is generally short-term and solution-focused therapy – while others may wish to look at their sexual problems alongside other issues they are facing in their lives.

Fees & Insurance Reimbursement

My fee varies depending on the services provided, length of sessions, and the frequency of the therapy.  We will settle on the fee for the consultation prior to our first session.  If you are worried that you cannot afford therapy, please ask about the possibility of a sliding scale fee.  I do not participate in insurance networks, but my services are almost always reimbursable under insurance out-of-network benefits.  At the end of each month, I will provide you with an itemized receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.