Individual Therapy

  • Do you need to make changes in your life and don’t know how?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your life and not sure where to turn?
  • Do your relationships follow patterns that you can’t seem to change?
  • Anxious about recent changes in your life?
  • Are you stuck in self-defeating behaviors and can’t find a way out?
  • Are you having sexual problems that affect your emotional health?

What Can Individual Therapy Offer?

  • A safe and confidential place to unburden yourself of the overwhelming feelings you’ve been having.
  • A collaborative process where the focus is on you and the goals you set.
  • A chance to understand – rather than blame – yourself. Together, we will make sense of your current struggles by looking at them in the context of your personal history and present-day lifestyle.
  • An opportunity to consider your patterns of behavior from a fresh perspective. This can help free you up to look at new options for handling old problems.

Therapy vs. Talking to Friends

Friends can often provide wonderful support and advice, but a trained professional can help move your life forward when you are truly stuck. A therapist can also offer you a level of emotional safety and confidentiality that friends rarely can. I can provide you with an environment where it is safe to say anything, including discussing feelings and fears that you have hesitated to acknowledge even to yourself. This level of honesty can allow you to truly see your situation and decide what changes you need to make.

How Long Should It Take?

The short answer is that the length of therapy depends on you. Therapy is a collaborative process, and we will discuss what amount of time is right for you. I’ve worked with people who have clearly stated from the beginning that they only wanted help with a specific issue (e.g. leaving a relationship) for a set number of sessions. I’ve also had the experience of people starting therapy “short-term” and staying for several years. Some people know upfront they want a longer-term therapy. Throughout therapy, we will periodically discuss whether it is meeting your needs and how long it should last.