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Welcome to My Practice

The purpose of this website is to help people considering psychotherapy decide whether it is right for them.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Reasons People Come to Therapy:

Relationship Problems

Do you keep having relationships that feel similar and end badly?  Maybe you sometimes think you’re just not good at relationships or don’t feel there is anyone out there for you?  Is intimacy difficult or sex problematic?  I can help you better understand your relationship patterns and consider new ways of having relationships.  I am also an experienced couples therapist and can help you and your partner change the destructive patterns that prevent you from feeling cared about and heard.

Sexual Health Issues

Are you having problems in your sex life?  As a sex therapist skilled in working with both individuals and couples, I can help you sort through what is happening and begin to have a different experience in this important area of life.  Sex therapy can address a wide range of sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual compatibility issues, pain or discomfort during sex, and low desire.

Feeling Stuck and Unhappy in Old Patterns

Are you shopping too much, spending money you don’t have, or compulsively looking for sex online?  Does your use of drugs or alcohol have others concerned about you?  Repetitive patterns often have unexpressed feelings and historical underpinnings that I can help you understand.  Together we can make sense of what you’re doing, explore your options, and get you unstuck.

Overwhelming Feelings of Anxiety or Depression

I am an active therapist who asks a lot of questions.  I will help you identify what you’re feeling, when these feelings began, whether they change or fluctuate, and what you’ve already tried to feel better.  We will work together to understand what triggers these feelings, explore behavioral patterns that are related to feeling badly, and help you explore alternatives that can put your life back on course.

Stress Related to Life-changing Events

Many people begin therapy with me because something major has happened in their lives, and they’re not sure how to move forward.  Testing positive for HIV, a financial set-back, the death of someone special, the end of a relationship or marriage – these events can leave even the most resilient person feeling shaken.  I will offer you a safe and confidential place to sort through your feelings and begin to integrate what has happened into your life.

LGBTQ Issues

Not sure whether to come out to your family or co-workers? Is there a part of you that feels ashamed about your sexuality?  Do you still feel the sting of being isolated and teased when you were growing up?  I have a great deal of experience working with issues that affect the LGBT community and have helped many people with issues like these.